Friday, April 27, 2007

T-shirt Bag Part 2

I guess my description of the t-shirt bag wasn't very explicit, so here are some more photos. In USING my bags, I'm finding the one with the armhold handles to be more useful than the one with the cut handles on the top (that was pictured in the last post). So, here are some photos to help describe what I did.
1. Sew the bottom of the shirt closed.
2. Cut off the arms, leaving the seam intact (you put your hands through these armholes as handles)
3. Cut the neck just a bit bigger on each side (remember, the t-shirt stretches, so you don't need a wide-open gaping hole for stuffing your bag).
That's it! And they work SO well. I'm finding the smaller t-shirts are just right, the larger ones I'm too tempted to fill them too full and they become heavy for toting across town. Try it! Help eliminate some of the 4 to 5 TRILLION (not a typo) plastic bags manufactured each year. Share your creations with me! Make some for all your friends and family!

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Jill said...

Hi Mary-Sue,

I just made a tee-shirt bag for myself and it turned out really well. I used a skinny tee with a scoop neck and sewed the bottom half-way up the body, so it is kind of rectangular. Liv immediately took it as her own. Thanks for the great idea.