Thursday, February 15, 2007

Diva or Luna? Be a Gaia and choose

Are you a tampon girl? Switch to Diva
Are you a pad girl? Switch to Luna
I switched to both and my health has improved along with my conscience.


Andrea said...

Where can I get Luna pads? I've looked for them in a couple of places and haven't found any. I use a diva cup but I need something extra for those heavy days. I have been using the organic biodegradable cotton ones...

Mary-Sue said...

I bought mine at Nature's Fare, Andrea. I bought some Luna panty liners there the other day and noticed they didn't have any of the full pads. I assumed you'd all been in and bought them out! Maybe just ask them when they're getting more in, because they usually stock them.
If not, then I bet the Organics store would bring them in. Can't think of their name just now. The one across from NF.