Sunday, February 18, 2007

Great Mushroom bag

I reuse a plastic mesh bag (I think I bought some bulbs in it at one point) as my keep-in-the-bottom-of-my-purse mushroom bag. It works great because mushrooms have to breathe (which is why they have paper bags right there for you to put them in), it doesn't get dirty (and if it does you give it a quick rinse), and it twists up into a tiny little bundle when not in use.

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Anonymous said...

i always keep these mesh bags too. we have one with our plastic bags, taht we do sometimes accumulate for our trash bags, its long and narrow i think once carried oranges. goooood idea with the mushies tho! those paper bags seem so luxurious and they always break out the bottom from the moisture. mesh mushies. thanks for the good idea. xC