Sunday, February 25, 2007

Inspired Skiiers

Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner (both Olympic skiiers, married, living in Canmore, friends of my husband's) have joined David Suzuki (another man I heart) to help save the planet, and subsequently the snow that is disappearing so fast many World Cup races have been cancelled this year because of warm temperatures. They're asking fellow winter athletes to join them in doing their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their daily living as well as to donate money to projects like wind and solar power and tree planting. Here's what they're DOing: they drive a small, fuel-efficient car when they have to, ride their bikes to get around town (all year round), they eat food locally grown and they've stopped using their clothes dryer. They just welcomed their new baby girl to the world and plan to use cloth diapers and dress their child in second hand clothes. HOORAY! Isn't that great? Also, with help from the David Suzuki Foundation, Grandi calculated how much extra carbon he produces while travelling with the Canadian ski team and bought clean air credits (carbon offsets) to make up for it. The money goes towards clean air projects such as wind and solar power. So far, Thomas and Sara have signed up 21 athletes on the national teams (alpine and cross country) to do the same. And Thomas is in talks with Andrew Ference (Calgary Flames defenceman) about getting his teammates on board. AND Speedskater Kristina Groves has commited to signing up and hopes to get her teammates on board as well. Awesome.

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